Take care of your health

Manage your medicine, supplements, and vitamins. Have a handy virtual pillbox that reminds you when you need to take your medicine, keeps a history of it, and it also allows you to keep track of your loved ones.

Guess the word

Test yourself

Guess the word! Play with your friends, and have a blast

guessing the word on your screen

through your friend’s clues and gestures.


Remeber your events

Don’t miss out! Create a countdown for your tests, parties, concerts, and more.

Spin the bottle

Have fun!

Dare to play what is, has been, and will continue to be one of the most classic party games at any gathering. Just spin the bottle and hope you don’t get a punishment! You’ll be rolling on the floor laughing all night long!

Birthday Cupcake


With Birthday Cupcake you’ll be able to congratulate that special someone with a grand gesture: a virtual cupcake. Just type in their name, choose a cupcake and layout, and ta-da!


Pick One


With Let’s Pick One, you won’t be torn between options anymore. Just let the app choose for you!




With Sussy you’ll be able to manage all your subscriptions and services in one place.

You’ll also be notified when your bill is due so that you never miss a payment again.


Kit Docente

Manage your schools

Kit Docente is a tool for teachers to help manage schools, groups, and students all in one place from the palm of your hand.

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    Add groups and schools.
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    Resgister your subjects and evaluation criteria.
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    Add projects and homeworks by subject.
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    Generate automatically your evaluation reports by unit or finals.